Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Little Monkey is 10 months

Some special things I want you and me to remember…..

You love to smile; you will smile at just about anyone and anything
You love to be chased
You have the best laugh
You bite anything and like to chew on EVERYTHING
You eat just about anything I give you and really know how to use those teeth
You wake up so happy and almost jump out of your bed when I come to get you
You are the funniest eater: you get super excited about a bottle but take a drink and then get distracted by the smallest things and you’re done for a while
You can crawl super fast
You will pull yourself up onto anything and walk across couches and furniture
You can stand by yourself but get really scared
Loud noises scare you really bad
               If someone coughs, sneezes or blows a nose you get scared and cry
You have 6 teeth and 2 coming in
You are a super sleeper 12 hours!!
You take 3 naps a day about 90 minutes each!
You have mastered the stairs going up but NOT down
You love your sister and love to pull her hair
You have a perfectly round head and you get many comments on how tiny and cute it is!!

Turner we love you so much, please stay cute and innocent forever!! 

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