Thursday, May 24, 2012

Trip Down South

We finally got to take our trip to Arizona.... after Reece got sick and was in and out of the hospital for the past 4 months we had to postpone things until now. We left May 10th and the temperature was about 65degrees here and when we arrived in Mesa it was 98degrees!!  Clinton was in heaven :) As we walked off the plane i could feel this HUGE heat wave hit my face, it was was kind of nostalgic in a way. We had a great time and got to see lot of family and friends. It kind of felt like being home since we had lived there so long. The kids had a great time and were so exhausted by the 8th day. We are back home and the kids are catching up on sleep as am I!! We miss the nice warm sun and hope to visit again.
T and Me waiting at the airport just about to leave for AZ
our 2nd day in Mesa, we went swimming with the cousins 

Reece sun bathing!!

Turner discovered windows and feel in love!

Mothers day after church (hence the messy hair!)
We got to drive by the new Gilbert Temple, so Beautiful.

Reece was having a blast riding this with her daddy she didn't want to stop

Reece has NO fear of dogs and i was slightly scared when i saw him.... but he is super sweet
HOT day spent outside at the splash pad in Chandler.

I just love out intent he was looking at this butterfly
Reece and Talan, no they are not about to kiss, they are yelling "NOOOOO" at each other!!

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