Saturday, July 14, 2012

Reece Turns 2 !

My big girl is 2! It's been almost a month since Reece turned 2. She is growing up really fast and changing a lot. In the past 6 months she has really turned into a toddler. She is talking in full sentences and can finally answer a question! She loves to be a big girl and do things all by herself. She has a lot of her mother in her "get out of my way I'm busy"!!

You love to wear skirts
You are very shy (just like your mommy when she was young)
You LOVE to eat eggs and yogurt
You love to sing songs
You are so sweet and caring
You can count to 10 and say your ABC's
You speak very well for your age
You are showing interest in the potty!
You like to take off your clothes while sleeping
Grandma and Grandpa are "Baka" and "Gacka"
You want Juice or milk ALL the time
You can't go to bed without a Tic Tac
Your favorite shows are Barney, and Doc Mcstuffens
You love going outside
You love to "Go" anywhere, if someone is leaving you HAVE to go
You like to color
You like to look at books, but you don't like mommy to read them
You LOVE animals (just like your daddy)
Reece can be a little spit fire but she makes me laugh and teaches me patience and a greater love. We are so proud of her and feel so blessed to have her part of our growing family.


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