Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Turner's Debut

The story of Turner’s arrival….

I know many years from now and maybe even a few months I will probably forget all the details of this special day so I want to journal it now.

I was about 38 weeks and this little guy was flipping like a dolphin, he was all over my tummy. The day I went in for my apt he was feet down and the cord was up by his neck, my Dr was not too happy. We talked about inducing me early or a possible C-section if it was necessary. I was not too keen on the C-section but the induction was fine! That same day I had my routine Ultrasound and would you be surprised if he had flipped yet again and was head down!! This little boy was quite the flipper. At my next apt he had flipped again but was head down so we were going to just wait. I was ready, and wanted to have this baby. I walked, mowed the lawn, and did just about anything I could think of doing to help induce labor. Nothing really helped kick me into real labor, I just had horrible contractions and once I stopped moving or doing what I was doing they stopped or slowed down! I got pretty desperate and frustrated. Why do we woman do this to ourselves?!? I did the same thing with Reece I should have remembered.

At my last Dr apt I was 39 weeks and 6 days. I went in for my routine visit and thought my water had broke just after I gave my weekly sample! But to my surprise and the Dr’s it didn’t L I was hooked up for my NST and had many contractions during the 20 minutes I lied there. We thought things were going to progress all on their own. She set me up for an induction the next day but if I was still contracting and (sorry this is informational!) leaking to go to the hospital. But with my luck nothing progressed to the point I felt I should go in.

Brian and Karen Layton took me out on the lake later that day hoping that we could hit some good waves and shake things up. Well another failed attempt and it didn’t help much. I went to bed that night and was wide awake at 3am. I was so anxious about this day I couldn’t sleep. Finally 5 am rolled around and I called the hospital to see if I could come in for my induction and they were happy to take me! I was excited and nervous. I woke up Clinton and we got ready and headed out. When we arrived at the hospital I was hooked up to an IV and we waited for Dr Thompson to come and check me and give orders. It was about 8:30 by the time I was started on pitocin. I hadn’t been inducted before and didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. By noon my water hadn’t broke yet but I was progressing well. Dr Thompson came and broke my water around 1:30 and the labor got more intense! I think I was at 3/4cm when she broke my water, we hoped this would help speed things up. It did until the little guy flipped “sunny side up” (face up). So when Dr Thompson came to check on me after 4pm I was stuck at 5cm. She told me that unless he flips i won’t dilate very quickly. She was right I was stuck at 5cm for a while and decided to get my epidural at that time. It wasn’t too much longer that my contractions got REALY intense and the epidural shifted and I could feel everything on the left side (same situation with Reece). My nurse came in and checked me, I was at 7cm, and this was just after 7pm. She was getting ready for shift change and wanted to check before she left. It was less than 5 minutes, the nurse was still in the room, and I started to breathe really hard and heavy and had an immense amount of pain and pressure. She asked a question but I don’t know what she said but I told her I feel lots of pressure. She then said let me check you again. I said between contractions “you just checked, I couldn’t have changed”. Well I was WRONG, I was at 9cm and approaching a 10!! She called Dr Thompson who was at home and I was informed “DON’T PUSH”. I thought are you CRAZY??!! For 3 WHOLE contractions I had to breathe through them, luckily I had a wonderful nurse who helped me relax and breath through them. It was the longest 10 minutes or so of my life! I remember hearing those 2 amazing words “I’M HERE” when the Dr walked into the room. Then 2 contractions and pushes later Turner Bryant Kennedy made his debut. I remember that moment so vividly, when they put him on my chest and I heard his sweet little cry. Emotions ran through me like fire, I was overcome with joy. I looked over at Clinton and smiled with tears in my eyes.

We are all home and doing well. Reece is handling things well considering she has NO idea who this little being is and why he lives with her. She doesn’t like that he takes her mommy away all the time, but we are adjusting. She likes to smile at him and give him kisses with her head. She also loves to help him when he cries and give him his paci. When he is in his swing she likes to put blankets and clothes on him or pushes it.

Turner is a sweet baby; I will be honest and say he is much harder than Reece was. He cries quite often, which im not use, Reece NEVER cried unless something was really bothering her. He is having a hard time adjusting to the new world but he is learning and growing. He is having tummy and gas issues which cause him lots of pain but we are trying new things to help comfort him. I have recently discovered that putting a dab of peppermint oil in a bottle really helps his tummy. Nights are getting better, he was not the best at going right back to sleep after eating but we are doing much better. He is a great eater but often falls asleep during feedings.

Being a mom of 2 beautiful children, 14 months apart, is a blessing but it does have its challenges. We are learning that life is not a bowl of cherries and we have many sad days and the house is often a mess! The kitchen doesn’t get cleaned right away and I find strange things in strange places. Lots of laundry, diaper changing and messes to clean but we are happy and full of life.

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~Jeff and Elle~ said...

Congrats on Turner! He sure is cute and he was born 3 days after Belle! :)

Your kids are lucky to have such a wonderful mother like yourself Erin!