Tuesday, October 4, 2011

All about Reece!

I needed to take a moment and document the many interesting and funny things Reece has learned and likes to do these days.

She is into drawers and cupboards; she loves to open drawers and cupboards but is really good about making sure they are closed when she leaves or closes them when someone opens it, even if you’re not done!

When she gets things out she is very particular about putting them all back (don’t know how I got lucky with this!).

When we are checking out at the store her favorite thing is to empty the shelves but making sure they are all standing up right and then put them all back when she is done!

one funny quark is whatever she sets down it has to be up right, if it falls over a dozen times she will go back and put it right (very particular, sure she gets that from me!)

She loves to play in the spice drawer and has her few favorite spices she gets out and walks around with. She also likes to rearrange the spices just about every day.

Thanks to her cousin Ashlyn Law she can count to 3 all by herself and it’s so cute b/c 1 and 2 are normal and 3 is HIGH pitched and never sounds the same!

She loves to sing and dance and any time she hears music she stops.

She is learning her ABC’s thanks to the LeapFrog fridge magnet, some days it’s a constant pushing of the button and all I hear is “AAAAAAAAA” but before I know it she will know her alphabet!

We have a sippy cup drawer and she loves to play with the cups and all on her own doing has learned to match every cup with its rightful lid. The first time she did this I thought it was fluke but since then she has always found the right lid for the cup. Smart girl!!

She can say dada, mamma, papa, nanna, apple, kitty, shoes, pants, dog, cow, down, meow, baby brother, and thank you and knows a some sign language.

She LOVES animals and is not afraid of anything. She loves to chase and play ball with Sasha and drags her kitty “box” around by the tail, head or leg. Luckily the cat is very docile.

She has learned how to use a spoon and fork but we are working on picking it up. When she puts food into her mouth she closes her eyes…. Funny and I don’t understand why. After eating and when she gets off her chair she pushes it back to the wall all by herself!

One thing she is obsessed with is sitting on things and people. She loves to back up and sit in your lap, on your feet, face or just about anywhere you are.

She loves to be chased or chase you around the kitchen and play hide and seek.

She can put Mr Potato head together all on her own, often arms are on the face, nose is an ear but she fills every hole.

Snack time is typically spent sitting on the stairs with her cup of snack and sharing it with the dog!! (we won’t tell papa!!)

When she laughs she gets the hiccups EVERYTIME! It’s the best.

She loves books but would rather just flip the pages a million time instead of reading the story.

She has learned “itsy bitsy spider” and can do the signs to the song all by herself.

I know there are many more things she can do but that’s all for now. Reece you are such a joy to have around even when you whine, cry and throw fits!! We still love you and are so glad you are part of our family.

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