Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome Turner Bryant Kennedy

My last picture with the belly!!
headed to the hospital at 6am

the waiting game!
Turner Bryant Kennedy made his debut at 7:37pm Aug 16th

My amazing Dr and Nurse team who got me through the second hardest thing in my life.
just after Turner's arrival, i was so proud!

6lbs 13 oz
18 3/4 inches long
small and short but oh so perfect!

cousin Arui and Turner
Reece seeing Turner for the first time

sad girl b/c her mommy left her for 2 days and she didn't want anything to do with me for the first 30 minutes, it broke my heart
first family photo (next one will be much better!)
going home :)
More info and pictures to come.....
we are home and doing well. Turner is such a great little baby, he loves to eat and always lets me know when he is hungry! Reece is adjusting to all the changes and less time with me, its hard but we are managing.


Jen said...

Erin! He sure is a handsome boy!! I hope you're doing great! Love ya!

Basarabas said...

Congrats you guys! He's darling!

Julie said...

Congratulations Erin! He's a cutie. Hope all are doing well. Again, contgrats!

Cassidy said...

Congratulations!! He is so cute! Wow, he is tiny. I love it.
Sorry I'm so late in my congrats, I just now noticed you had a new post.
Hope you are doing well!
Oh yeah, I LOVE the name. I really wanted to name Derrick with the name of Baker, but Bo wouldn't let me. I'm glad someone's husband lets them!!

Lisa said...

ERIN!! GOOD JOB MOMMA CITA! He IS perfect! I'm proud of you! and ..... what you have TWO kids...blows my mind! love you! lets talk soon!