Monday, November 1, 2010

Catching Up....

A few weeks ago Clinton had a 4 day break from school so we decided to make a surprise visit to AZ. Kind of spur of the moment decision, it was lot of fun but very exhausting. Reece woke up at 2 am the day we were going to leave and never went back to sleep so we headed out at 4am and drove the 11 hours to Mesa. It was a fast and exhausting trip but totally worth it. We wished we could have stay longer and seen more people.

Clinton was so happy to be back home with the dogs.
I later found him passed out with Brody, just like old times :)

Reece got to spend some times with her cousins.
Talen and Reece are 2 days apart!
Kaia, and Nakoria were so happy to have Reece around.

This was our trip to the Logan Pumpkin Walk

Super cold but super fun, very creative displays.....

on of my favorite pixar movies, "UP"
All the displays were made from pumpkins, pretty awesome

another pixar movie, Bugs Life

I think this was my favorite ..... little pumpkin piggies!

This past weekend we went to Rexburg to visit some old friends from Mesa.
I'm not a huge fan of Halloween, (i know shoot me) so i didn't dress up Reece for a few reasons, i didn't have a costume, she is too young to understand and i just didn't want to
but she did have this cute shirt
" I love my MUMMY"

outside at the Trunk or Treat

i love this sling, and i think Reece does too...
she looks like she is kind of squashed a little,
but im sure she didnt mind, it was toasty warm!


Cassidy said...

Wow. Big travelers!! I'm glad you're getting out and doing some travels!

Lyndsey said...

oh you are making me miss logan!