Monday, November 29, 2010

November in Washington

Reece and i took a trip up to visit my family in Washington this November. We were able to spend 3 weeks there with family and see a few friends. Clinton was able to come up the weekend before Thanksgiving and we were super excited to see him.
Reece had such a fun time being around all her cousins, who just adored her all the time. She has advanced to sitting up on her own and trying to crawl while we were there. Its been so fun watching her grow and learn. She also got her very first cold while there and brought it back with her. We had such a great time and it was very hard to leave. Reece was so loved and was constantly held or played with.
Thanksgiving was wonderful. My mom is a awesome cook, instead of the traditional turkey and stuffing, we had prime-rib and home grown potatoes with fresh green beans and rolls. It was DELICIOUS!!!!!
Clinton got a ride back with my brother Shawn and we drove my dad's truck back down to Logan so we have something to use when we move back to AZ. It was the LONGEST trip to Utah i have EVER had. 2 days of traveling with 19 hours of driving. The weather was HORRIBLE. It took us 12 hours to get from Moses Lake to Ontario OR, which normally takes about 4 hours. We hit really bad snow storm going through the pass and then got stuck behind a fatal car accident which caused a 4 HOUR road closer. So we sat on the highway with the other 5 miles of cars for 4 hours. Reece was such a trooper and ended up falling asleep after 2 hours and slept the rest of the night.

picture over-load

Reece and her cousin Ian (1.5 months apart)

the day before we left we all went to my sister-in-laws gym to play

Reece and her daddy going down the slide for the first time

just getting the hang of sitting up

movie night in the basement
'How to Train your Dragon'

the day before thanksgiving it snowed and the wind blew a LOT
there were huge drifts all over

what a good uncle, Clinton reading a book to Owen

Reece and I went to spend a week with rischel, we had so much fun. Owen and the girls had such a blast having us but mostly Reece around (ryan called reece his library child, check her out for the week and return her when your done!!)

Reece discovered that this was so relaxing

uncle Ryan taking Reece for a high ride
(rischel informs me "erin don't worry Ry has 3 kids, he's experienced")
I wasn't to worried

i guess she got tired after she hit the couch!

Cleopatra Reece!!!

aunt Rischel and Reece so cute

Own reading a book to Reece, he couldn't stay away from this girl.
it only took him 2 days to learn her name.
"bebby reece" is what he called her

not a moment alone!!
I think they were watching baby Einstein while Rish and i were cleaning out her closet

Where Reece was there was Owen!!

My mom inherited this super old high chair and i just had to take a picture of Reece sitting in it. She looked so cute

cousins' Auri and Ian

Reece and papa watching the screen saver. it was quite a show,
Reece was talking to every picture
what a face..... i keep wondering who she looks like now??
last but not least, Sasha, my parents new dog, who couldn't leave Reece alone, but Reece loved her as well so it was perfect!

what a stud!!
such a happy girl
what i thought would be the never ending car trip home

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amberbuck said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. I'm glad you were able to visit with your family for a while since you won't be back to Washington for a long time! I can't believe how advanced Reece is, she is such a cute little girl and I love her dimples. Can't wait to see her and Royal together again. See you in a few weeks! Good luck with the packing again, we just did it and I'm so glad it's over....for now.