Wednesday, October 27, 2010

No More Burrito Wrap!!!

Ever since Reece was about 2 months old sleeping became a challenge with her hands. She was so busy with her hands that naps consisted of smothering her face, pulling out her paci, and scratching herself so I had to resort to the


there were times when she could wiggle her little hands up and they would be all over her face and the nap was interrupted and we would start all over again. it was a constant battle. I really hated to warp her up like this but it was i do this or naps didn't happen.

Well today we hit a HUGE milestone.
I have been laying her down about 10 minutes before nap time and letting her coo and babble in hopes she would feel nice and comfy and fall asleep, but that NEVER happened.
It was a battle of whinny off and on for about 20 minutes. So i would wrap her up into a burrito and she went right to sleep. But today i thought lets give it another try

.... and after 5 minutes I didn't hear her any more and this is what i found!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this continues b/c she sleeps so good on her tummy.


Jen said...

That is great, Erin! We did the burrito wrap, A.K.A. swaddling with Arthur. It actually helps them feel more safe and secure, like in your tummy. So, don't worry if you "have to" do it, it's not a bad thing at all!!

Hopefully she'll keep being a champion sleeper! You're doing such a great job! Love ya and miss ya!

Basarabas said...

oh my gosh she is so adorable!