Monday, July 19, 2010

Past Few Weeks

Just a few pictures from the past couple weeks. Reece is such a good baby she hardly cries and is super happy and loves to smile.
Today she is 4 weeks old and i can hardly believe it.

When Reece was born the Dr found a click in her hip (hip-dysplasia) so when she was just 2 days old she was fitted for this brace and has been wearing it ever since. She has to wear her brace 24/7. It's sad for me b/c its hard to cuddle her and i never get to see her cute feet unless its bath time. We go to the Dr this week and hopefully we can take off the brace, as long as her ultrasound shows the hip formed right. This diaper looks huge on her, she is my lil peanut for sure. The brace makes her look much bigger than she really is.
I wish i looked that cute while sleeping!!

Reece's first REAL bath, she was a little terrified but did super

Saying goodbye to my sister

Aunt Rischel and Reece's cousins


Lisa Keime said...

It's nice to have family!! I didn't know she had to wear that brace. Poor thing.

cherie said...

Erin this is so great! Congrats!
I've wanted to get a hold of you. The girls are having a high school reunion party Thursday the 19th at my folks house! Please come! It's going to be a blast! Email me.