Sunday, July 11, 2010

3 Weeks, 2 Visitors and The Official Letter

Well today Reece is 3 weeks old and it has been such a great day. She has been a super good baby and i feel like I'm starting to get the hang of this mommy thing. Juggling a new born and my daily life all in one is quite challenging, i knew it would be tough but until i was actually faced with the challenge I never knew what it would be like. I think my recovery after birth was more tough than actually labor, maybe thats because i already forgot about my labor pains!! I had such a hard time getting back on my feet, I thought it would be a quick 2-3 days and i would be back to my old self but boy was i wrong. It took me about 10 days before i was feeling good enough to venture out into the real world and last longer than 30 minutes.

We are doing really good, Clinton is such a good daddy, as nervous as he was about a baby he cant get enough of his little girl. When we go out to places i have her covered up in the car seat hoping that she stays asleep so i don't have to take her out, and Clinton offers to show her to EVERYONE... he just cant pass someone without saying.... "do you want to see the cutest baby?" i keep telling him until she is a little older we need to keep her away from complete strangers, who sometimes want to touch her. He is just so happy and proud and wants the WHOLE world to see his sweet baby girl! Can i blame him??

The past 3 weeks has been challenging in so many ways. My mom arrived about 6 hours after Reece was born and was able to stay for 2 weeks, that was super awesome. Then my sister came and stayed a week after my mom left it was just great. Having lots of help was good since i was sent home with a baby and no manual!! We had our challenges some better than others. It was great having my mom around, she raised 5 kids and even after 28 years she still remembered what to do. Clinton and I really enjoyed being well taken care of, i think we ate the best those 2 weeks she was here than we had in a long time!!
Rischel was a great help, she left her 3 little kiddos at home and came to help me out and show me what its like to be a new mom. Rischel wanted to go shopping for some new things and we did but my energy level only lasted a couple hours at most. Although we didn't stay out long we had a good time and having her around was fun since this will be the last time i see her for a long time. THANKS for coming Rischel

It's now official, Clinton has got his official acceptance letter for the International MBA program at USU. We are moving up to Logan, UT in August for fall semester then we are off to ENGLAND!!! YUP, we are moving to England in January 2011 were Clinton will finish the program at the RAC school in England. We have known about this for some time but it was official until the week Reece was born. Waiting for the paper work to file was nerve racking but once it was complete we were so excited. This is the reason we moved out of our home and sold 80% of our stuff. We are most likely not coming back to the U.S for a long time. When Clinton finishes his school next summer he has 1 year to write his Dissertation and in that time we will be looking for a job and 90% of those who graduate stay foreign. So we are looking at staying in England or going to another country, it all depends on when and were he finds work.
(picture of the School in England)

I'm excited more than nervous but maybe that's b/c its not there yet. I wasn't nervous about labor until the nurse said "your going to have a baby, call the Dr." So maybe once we get to England my nerves will set in!!

Moving with a new born is going to be interesting but at the same time i think it will be nice. My mom is going to meet us in UT to help out and get us settled in. There isn't much packing to do since all our stuff in already in storage and ready to go. The hard part is unpacking and then packing it all back up again in 5 months, then moving back to AZ and having 2 weeks to pack the few things we need to take and move to England that's going to be challenging, but we are excited for all the new adventures our family will have :)


Lyndsey said...

congrats on all of it! what an adventure ahead of you!! i have a baby gift, i was gone during your shower or I would have been there!
email me your number so i can come drop off your gift!

Lea said...

We are excited that it's official!! Please let us know how we can help with your move to England...WE LOVE IT HERE!!

Deedles said...

Wow England! What an adventure! Congrats to you guys! Glad you are starging to feel more like normal! :)

amberbuck said...

Glad to hear you guys are doing so good. I'm so jealous that you live with the Kennedys. It was so much fun having them up here for a visit and mom was so helpful. I bet it's been such a wonderful blessing to have lived there while you guys get ready for your next adventure! I can't wait to meet baby Reece!

Lisa Keime said...

OH Erin! I am going to miss your guts!! I am excited for you but not for me. Lets do lots before you go. DEAL?? Congrats to Clinton.

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