Tuesday, July 27, 2010

One Month Stats & 1 Week Left...

Reece is actually 5 weeks now but we had her 1 month apt last week and things went really well. I was really worried about her weight. She just didn't seem like she was gaining much weight. As hard as it was to accept I just don't produce enough milk and apparently its not fatty enough either so i have had to supplement a little which has really helped. I am just glad she is growing and if that's what has to be done then i will do it. Reece had her ultrasound and she was able to get her brace off, her hips were in perfect place. I was super happy to have that thing gone, i just love her cute feet!

Weight: 8lbs 13 oz (50%)
Length: 21 inches (50%)
Head: 15 inches (75%)

The past couple days have been hard, I'm pretty sure its because i ate some chocolate and she doesn't like it to well. She is a great sleeper, going 5 hours at night!! I have been using Baby Wise ever since she was about 3 weeks old (great book if you haven't heard of it, i highly recommend it for your baby) and she has done super well. I can put her down for a nap and she has learned to put herself to sleep. The first few days were rough listening to her cry for 5 min sometimes 10, it was so hard but I'm glad i stuck through, b/c there were some days that i couldn't get anything done, she wanted to be put to sleep in my arms. Some days she gets so overstimulated that she just HAS to cry herself to sleep which i HATE, but that's how she works. I just might have a baby that needs to let out her energy before falling asleep, i know i do.

We have 1 week left before we move and I'm getting anxious, there is so much to get done but we cant do anything until we get to Logan, and its driving me crazy. I have decided to go to my 10 year reunion, mainly b/c a lot of my good friends are going and we are having 2 pre-reunion parties. I made the official decision based on our pre-parties. I haven't seen many of these girls since we left for college 10 years ago, so I'm really excited. This will be Reece's first flying experience before we take the 10 hours flight to England, so i hope she does well!
pictures to follow.


Samantha said...

erin! It's 3 am and I'm up feeding the baby and am just so happy to read you are coming!!! I'm so excited!! Can't wait to play with you!

cherie said...

Oh my gosh! This is great news!
Can't wait to see you!

I just can't believe how many people are coming! This is going to be so much fun!

Basarabas said...

I'm so glad Reece was able to get her brace off. I can't imagine! And I can't believe she's already 5weeks old. I hope your move goes smoothly.

DJ and Melissa said...

Ok so I just got on here to ask if you were going to come. Sweet! Can't wait to see your little cutie and catch up.

The Platts said...

Congrats, she is so cute and you look great :)