Friday, August 6, 2010

Our New Home in Logan Utah

Well we have made the long 12+ hour trek to Logan. We left on Tuesday and arrived in Logan Wednesday morning. It was a nice drive, Reece was a super good traveler. I was so happy and pleased at how well she did. She only cried 2 times in the car granted she slept most of the time but i was sleepy too!! We got to our apartment Wednesday morning, checked in and got the truck unloaded in 30 minutes. Since we are not going to be here for very long (5 months) we didn't have very much stuff, and actually i wished i could have brought more.

My walls are bare, my kitchen cupboards are almost empty, our kitchen table is a card table, Reece's clothes are in bins and i feel like I'm living in a apartment fitted for a group of single guys. When we found out we were going to be moving far away we sold a lot of stuff. I wanted to make it much easier for us to move so many times. Less stuff to pack and move and much easier for me with a new baby! Or so i thought.....
I new it would be challenging to move with a new born, once i was faced with the packing i felt like i was struck dumb. I was going in circles for 3 days trying to pack and felt like i was getting no where. I considered myself a "professional" mover.... UNTIL i had a baby, then my brain just couldn't function. Clinton and i have moved 4 times in the 2.5 years we have been married and this was by far the hardest move yet. We moved 3 times living in Mesa and that was easy b/c we could move slowly and over a few days and go back and forth between places. Well this time it was not like that i had to pack everything up and take it all at once, this was hard. We had more stuff that i anticipated (and we even left a storage unit with more of our things back in Mesa) and almost didn't fit it in our U-Hal trailer and the back of the truck, i did have to leave a few things behind sadly my rocking chair i used every day with Reece.

Clinton is having a hard time adjusting here, mostly b/c the weather and its very different. I am just loving it, i love the weather and the beautiful mountains. Reece is adjusting and we are trying to get back into our routine. I had a nice schedule for her before we moved and it went south, i just hope she jumps right back into it so i can keep my sanity!! She is going through some major changes since we got here and having a hard time the past couple days but for the most part she is a really good baby. Maybe my stress is affecting her. Once we get all settled in things should get better and i can find some friends, start exercising and find something to keep busy while Clinton is in school.
Here are some pictures over the past few weeks and our move.

tying down the last bit of things in the truck.... this was our first time using a U-hal but wont be the last im sure!!

My last girls night with my old roommies just before we left. It was so much fun, we spent 3+ hours sitting outside Pei Wei chatting until almost 10pm. Such great memories we had living together. Lisa was trying to take a pictuer but we couldnt stop laughing, it was quite fun.
Love your face Jen!!
Reece was in heaven being outside, it was nice an tosty

Reece kicking back with Lisa

Reece & Talan (my brothers new baby) were blessed on Sunday they are just 2 days apart. He has really pink babies!!
cousin Kaia & Reece saying goodbye

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Jen said...

Erin, that picture of me is HILARIOUS! Geez, that's embarrassing, but so worth the laugh!

I miss you, girl! I hope Utah becomes a place that you love soon. Just remember that no matter where you are, you have a Heavenly Father that loves you. (And your sweet family.) I'm sure 5 months will go by quickly and before you know it, you'll be flying over the ocean into a whole new world! I will email my friend over there and let her know you'll be on your way soon! If you have a minute, give me a call! I'd love to shoot the breeze with ya!