Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Growing Belly With Baby Inside :)

I keep looking down at my growing belly and think maybe there is more than one baby inside but NOPE, we know its just one. I see others and think man I i look HUGE. I know that everyone carries their baby different and some show sooner, some just tend to grow faster (like me!). I am just happy that all is going well and the baby is healthy, and i have only gained 5 pounds so far.
At 14wks i think i took this picture and then just took another picture today b/c i felt huge and actually liked my shirt i just bought for $3!!!
We find out next week BOY/GIRL!!!
I can hardly wait.
I have been feeling really good except for the fact that this child is picky eater. Most anything i eat doesn't agree as I'm eating but i am grateful to keep it all down. I just hate feeling yucky while im eating. I love being pregnant and having all the changes that come with it. This past week has been a roller coaster or tears and there is never a reason. I cry while watching the Dog Whisperer (LOVE the show).

14 weeks I looked a lot thinner, what has happened!!!

18 weeks WOW i should watch what i eat!!!


rcworkman said...

You look great! Love the pregnant belly!

A Plane Family Story said...

You look wonderful! Enjoy the pregnant belly it's a whole different kind of beautiful. I'm so happy for you!!

Heslop Family said...

You look so cute!!! I'm so excited for you!