Thursday, December 24, 2009

You Know your Pregnant.....

When you cry while reading articles from the Biggest Looser contestants about their weight loss

When you cry b/c you can't find your shoes

When you forget something you just did only moments ago

When you eat nothing but cheesy foods for 4 weeks

When you feel like your going to pee your pants all the time

When you feel like you are going to explode but you just have gas

When you sit down and your pants are too tight around the tummy and your only 15 weeks

When you cry b/c you are confused and don't know why

When you eat every 3 hours and feel like you haven't eaten for days

When you feel like you have something new wrong every day and you don't know why, then you realize that when your pregnant anything can go wrong

I love being pregnant and am so happy to have all these crazy feelings and changes. I feel so blessed to be able to carry a baby that will only bless our family.


Shawn and Nichole said...

You are so cute!

Julie said...

Erin, congratulations. Hope you feel better soon. Love your blog! :)

Sarah and Robbie said...

Well, I cry at the Biggest Loser, too . . . and at long distance phone commercials, and Oprah and children's books . . . sooo. And I don't have the excuse that you do! What does that say about me?? :)