Saturday, March 7, 2009

Meet Chester

So this little guy was all me.... Clinton for once had nothing do with it!!
A couple weeks ago we went to the pound to look but had no luck. Clinton has wanted another dog for Riley to play with for a long long time and basically he wants hundreds of dogs!! He will take any dog any time. If i didnt threathen him we would have a yard full of animals!! I was tricked him by saying that we cant have another dog for various reasons becuase I wanted to surprise him and i did!
I had been planing this little secret for a while and Friday i was off and thought I'm going to stop at the pound and see what dogs are there while I was out running errands. Well i didn't get any errands done but i found Chester and just couldn't dare leave him at that place another night.
Clinton got to name him and he chose Chester and said we could call him "Chaz" for short. Not really sure how Chaz comes from Chester but that's okay its cute!! He is just adorable and so much fun. He has the cutest face and i just want to squeeze.

That little face sometimes looks like a little bear cub!!

They are so cute together!


Jasmine and Shawn Turner & Family said...

Payton says, "There's TJ, mom!" Chester's a cutie!

Ryan & Rischel said...

Welcome to family little Chest!!!

amberbuck said...

He's cute but I'm deathly afraid of chows...they're killer dogs. Hopefully he'll act more like a lab!