Sunday, March 15, 2009

Whats New

This is for you Samantha, here is what we have been up to!!

One reason behind my lack or better yet excuses of not blogging is.... too busy, nothing exciting and what to write?

So for the past couple months we have been busy working, going to school and trying to get projects done in the house. Buying a house that was lived in for only 6 months, with nothing wrong you would think it would be perfect but there is always something to do and things to fill it with!!. So i have been busy with all kinds of project since we've moved in. We started with buying a nice big sectional for our loft, sorry the Beautiful decorative couches had to go!!
Next I started painting the kitchen which took me about... ohhhh a month!! Yeah that's what happens when i start a project all by my self. When we bought this house it was already painted, yes the entire house was painted, oh GREAT you would think..... well NO.... every room, every wall was painted the SAME COLOR. Well i had a hard time with that, seeing the same color in EVERY room was BORING. I wouldn't mind if it was all white but it was a tan color so I had to change this.

Since moving in we have let the back yard do its own thing...... well we now have WEEDS WEEDS WEEDS.... anyone want some weeds we are now harvesting them!! A couple weeks ago i went out one day and hacked away, doesn't look like i did much but it was an improvement. Clinton and i have been talking about different ideas and getting ready to plant some grass soon.
I have been looking for thing to fill my office with, namely a Book Shelf. My husband LOVES books and we have a growing library so i looked and looked for a book shelf on Craig's List ( LOVE Craig's List i have bought almost half the things in my house off this site.) Well about a week ago i got an awesome deal on a huge shelf, but the shelf is sitting in my garage b/c i am going to paint it a brown color. Most of my furniture is dark wood so i have to try and match it. So it will be a couple week until that is finished!

My next project is my bedroom!! I need a place i can find relaxing and cozy. So more painting and decorating to come. Anyone who like to paint or decorate you are more than welcome to help!! That's all the happenings in our world, always some kind of project going on but all said and done its wonderful.
I do have some pictures but i will have to post them later.

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Samantha said...

Yes Erin! I love getting a shout out. Thanks for the update. I love your life and that you like decorating my house. I don't have an eye for that at all so I always admire those who do. Good job and keep us updated!