Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Birthday Weekend

Saturday was my big 27th birthday.... YIKES!! Clinton worked so hard to plan something fun and find something i would like to do.......AND it paid off. Friday night we went to eat at one of my favorite places P.F. Changs.... YUMMMMM. Then we headed to Phoenix for the SUNS game. My first major sports (basketball) game. He found GREAT seats. 12th row from the floor, we could almost smell the players!! It was awesome, and a very different experience watching live in person and not on TV. Those players are HUGE, not to mention Shaquille O'Neal who now plays for the Suns. He is one BIG guy standing at 7'1, 350 pounds of.......... something!!

The couple behind us catching in on our photo!!
All my pictures turned our blurry and it was my own fault for bringing the CRAPPY camera
Saturday morning we met up with our friends Justin & Ester Conley and headed over the Gold Canyon for the Renaissance Festival, again my first time to something like this, it was very fun and surprisingly interesting!! We saw a lot of ummm.... interesting dressed people and some that could have been dressed a little more! All in all we had a great time walking around and seeing all the fun shows, animals, crafts and much more. Ohh and lot of fun foods!! I have to say i have never seen so many men wearing skirts before!! But i guess that is the Scottish for ya.

The interesting Scottish cow!

Turkey Leg on a stick.... sink your teeth in!! We were well entertained by the Scottish Band
Justin and Clinton don't they look good!!


Michelle said...

Oh I'm so glad you posted this...I've been waiting to hear about your birthday! It looks like you had tons of fun!! Hope I get to see you soon! Love, Michelle

A Plane Family Story said...

Happy belated birthday!! It looks like you guys had a Blast!!

Samantha said...

Yay! Happy Birthday Erin!

Sarah Culp said...

Hooray for birthday fun!