Friday, September 12, 2008

The Hectic Month Has Come

This past couple weeks and for the next month Clinton and I have been extremely busy. Clinton started school and has been working super hard as well. He is such trooper!!

About a month ago i got a second job doing house cleaning. Call me crazy but those of you who know me well and have known me for years will know that I LOVE TO CLEAN!! I also for some odd reason like to do laundry... i think its because i love the smell of FRESH laundry. This summer i was tyring to find another job and thought that i could clean, its easy and quick easy money!! Well about a month ago i saw an add on Craig's List, i replied and a week later i was working. Really nice family with 3 children the mother works from home (love that part) and just wanted some extra help doing the cleaning and laundry!! So every Tuesday i go over to her home and spend 8 hours there, 9am-5pm. LONG DAYS...I actually didn't think it would be hard but boy was i WRONG. I typically do anywhere from 5-8 loads of laundry that day and during this time I'm cleaning.
Amie is upstairs in her office working all day and oddly enough its not weird or uncomfortable, she is super nice and we always have something to chat about. So for one day a week for 8 hours i make $15/hr @ $120 a day, only 4 days a month i make an extra $480!!! NOT BAD :)

Then Clinton's aunt heard that i was a busy cleaning bee and hired me to come help her clean a couple days a month. So even more extra playing $$!!

When i started cleaning and making extra $. Clinton told me that this extra $ was for me and not part of our budget so i was to do what ever i wanted with it. But me and my tight frugal self keeps thinking oh look how much we can save i don't want to spend money on myself.

But this month has been extra busy because we are SUPER short staffed at work and i picked up extra shifts which meant that i am working EVERY DAY with only 3days OFF this entire month!! Its a little crazy but i just got paid today and it was well worth it. On all the days i picked up to work i get payed DOUBLE time, which means i make $29/hr. I think that's fare!! Sometimes a little extra work and not much sleep or time with your husband is nice in the end. I'm only doing this because we are 29 days shy of our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!

So for our 1 YEAR we are going to take a nice little trip to San Diego :)


The Payne family said...

That all sounds totally worth it to me! Now you have extra money to spend and make your anniversary AMAZING!!! That is a worthwhile cause to spend your hard earned money if you ask me!

Samantha said...

Awesome Erin! I love having a little extra pocket money and it sounds totally worth it.

Basarabas said...

Wow! Almost a year huh! Time sure flies. Congrats you too! Hope you have a great time in San Diego...I'm sure you will!

jacker said...

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