Monday, September 1, 2008

New Hair Cut/ Bowling and Why I Dont Cook!!

I finally got a much needed hair cut. Every year i do that same thing... which is try and grow out my hair and i don't get very far. So here is the new outcome... or should i say old!Amber (my sister-in-law) always does a GREAT job cutting my hair. Thanks Amber!
The other night Clinton and i wanted to go out and do something fun and we used to go bowling all the time when we were dating so that's what we did. I of course always LOOSE. But some odd reason i was doing really well and i was up in the first game only to be badly beat in the end. But it was fun to say the least.
What a cuttie!!He was a little upset at his last bowlfor once i was ahead!!But the 2nd game i was up by 11 points on the last bowl.... and Clinton had one bowl left and hit a strike which allowed him to bowl 2 more times.... just so I would win what does he do.... pretends to slip and hit a gutter. So I won by ONE point. What a sweet husband.. but i actually wanted to win the fight fare and square.
Funny picturesIf you didn't notice my name on the score board..... my wonderful husband gave me for bowling. well here it is (look below). I went to get a ball and came back to see my husband innocently say "you are first" as he was looking at the score board with a HUGE grin on his face. I was shocked, well not really! But I was glad we were alone and not many people were around. What can i say.... that's my husband for ya!!

Last but no least..... this is why i hate to cook or make ANYTHING. Last week while Clinton was at school i wanted to make a simple Quesadilla and this is what happened. I tried to eat most of it despite how crispy and burnt it tasted. I'm getting better and thank goodness i have a very sweet husband that tells me im a "GREAT cook".


Basarabas said...

I love your new hair-do! Really cute! Oh and love your bowling name!

The Payne family said...

I like the new cut too. I definitely hear your frustration with trying to grow your hair out!
You two seem to have some much fun together. I love it!

Ashley said...

Love the DOO! I too am in desperate need of a cut, hopefully tomorrow :) I haven’t decided what to do yet, maybe I'll post it?!

ha, your cooking abilities remind me of...well me! Its not lack of ability though, I bet you got probably...just a guess Mrs. Clean!

Lindsey Tuttle said...

Your hair is so cute!

Derald and Jen said...

Super cute hair!! I love it! You can totally pull off that hair do!! Also, I have had food you've made before and it was delicious! I think that quesadilla had it coming.

Kelsey Danielle said...

I love the haircut!! It totally suits you!!

Kelsey Danielle said...

yeah!! thanks for the number we will give you a call when we are in town. I will be staying in mesa a few nights, then probably in queen creek a few nights and then about a week down in pomerene where I had my reception. i can't wait... If kenz and I need a place to sleep for a night we'll let you know for sure. I can't wait to meet your hubby!!

Lisa said...

hey lady. I love your new do!! it is just fabulous!!