Thursday, April 24, 2008

Visit from My Sister

Last week Rischel came to visit me the day after Clinton left town AGAIN. It was kind of perfect when she decided to come for a visit because Clinton got sent out of town and i didn't have to be alone for the entire time he was gone. So for a week we just played and went shopping and did more shopping and more shopping!! Rischel had a list of things she wanted to find and she certainly found what she came for and some!! It was great to have her come and visit and with no kids! She really got a royal treat coming without any kids. We had a great time together. Constant laughter, get us together and we are always laughing at each other. She got to pick some home grown Grape Fruit from my in-laws yard for the first time and took home a huge box to share with the family.
Now that she is gone i sure am lonely and miss her presence but did have a grand ol time! Sadly we only took a few pictures but we do have the memories. We got to spend one night out with her friend from High school who now lives in AZ.
Clinton is still gone, but he gets to come home for the weekend and then leaves again on Sunday night. It really stinks only because i have to work this weekend so we don't get to spend much time together. I will be working for the majority of the time he is here. Life is rough sometimes.
Rischel & Miyeko friends for many years!!YUMMY grapefruit

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Lindsay said...

I am glad that you and Rischel had a good week together. That was so nice of Kathy to watch the kids. I wish my mom would watch my kids. Good luck with out your husband.