Thursday, April 3, 2008


Well today was our 1 year anniversary for our engagement and Clinton called me at 6:30 am to tell me that and also say he is coming HOME and staying home!!!! YIPPEEEEEE
He sure did owe me a big sweet surprise today since yesterday he thought it would be funny, being April Fools, to play a joke on his lonely wife. So he called me very disappointed and said "guess what? I'm flying to Oregon tomorrow and i will be there for 4 weeks, then i get to come home for a weekend and have to go back to finish the project which will be about 2 MONTHS..." I FREAKED OUT... i was first in total shock and couldn't say anything and then was about to say "YOU ARE QUITING YOUR JOB NOW, and come home".... Then he yells in the phone "APRIL FOOLS" laughing his little head off. I was almost in tears, i wanted to smack him right then. But i quickly got over that and was ecstatic with the news i got early this morning. I'm finally going to have my HUBBY back all to my self. And to add to the great day... my sister is coming down to visit me in a couple weeks. This is going to be great. B/c I really didn't get to see her at all while she was here for my wedding and we didn't get any sister bonding time. So I'm excited to have a whole week with her. What a GRRRRRRRRRRRRREAT day it has been.
this is one of my favorite engagement photos, he is one goofy guy, that's why i love him so much!!

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