Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Frist Photo Shoot!!

Well for those of you who don't going into photography!! My GREAT friend/old roommate Jennifer Klippel got married this weekend and I took the opportunity to try out my new camera and take some dazeling photos with the photographer she hired. The wedding was beautiful and Jen looked amazing. She was stunning and just glowing it was great. I had such a fun time taking pictures and even more fun with the "Pit" crew. Seriously it was really funny, Jen's mom, Lisa (old roommate) and friend Bethany were the "Pit" crew. Mom there for support and just b/c she's mom! Lisa was the make-up artist and lip stick re-applier! And Bethany was the most amazing coach/cheerleeder! I was the wan-a-be photographer taking pictures behind the photographer. So here are some shots I took that i felt were the best. It was great, and 1hr and 30 min's later i had taken over 700 pictures.

This is one of my fav. pictures..... so cute!!

They look so happythis last one was my own master piece. Dareld was just standing there while Jen was getting her picture taken, it was perfect.... MAN IM GOOD!!!


rcworkman said...

Very nice! You did a great job! Anytime you want to practice taking some pictures of my baby you can! Also, Ryan and I need a family picture!

Shawn and Nichole said...

Erin, you never cease to amaze me! Is there anything you can't do? Where were you when I needed my wedding pictures taken. Great job.

Ashley said...

I am so impressed Erin, your pictures look much do you charge for some tips??