Monday, January 28, 2008

In Sweet Memory of Our Beloved Prophet

Gordon B. Hinckley our beloved Prophet passed away Jan. 27th 2008. The prophet I new for the most part of my life. We loved him like a father, a brother and a friend. I have never met him but to hear of his death was very sad.

President Hinckley was an amazing prophet, he has led the church for almost 13 years and helped up grow in all aspects. President Hinckley has been known as the"Temple Prophet". It was so sad to hear about his death but I soon knew that his life here was complete and the Lord had a even greater work for him to do. My loving husband's first words were, "he has been with his Sweet Marjorie for the past hour, how amazing is that?". That brought a smile to my face knowing that he has once again united with his dear sweet wife of over 60+ years. Our Nation will surely miss President Hinckley. He has been the longest president of the church and has traveled all over the world visiting other nations and building Temples. I hope that one day I will meet him and Thank him for all his dedication and loving kindness for the church.

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