Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Happy Birthday TO ME!!!!

Yesterday was my Birthday and I did absolutely NOTHING! All I did was relaxed and take in my new age.... 26 Years old.... it’s so weird to think that I’m only 4 years away from 30. Crazy!! I told my husband I didn’t want anything and we didn’t have to do anything. And of course as most men think……."yeah right.....what she is really saying is……you better do something and it better be good". But he hates his birthday and hates all the attentions so when I say don’t do anything he thinks.... "Okay". So the caring husband he is.... he went over to help his dad all day. They are putting down a wood floor on one of the many rooms in their house his dad is remodeling.I just hung out all day playing on the computer and watched TV. My mother-in-law took me out to get a pedicure and the sweet Vietnamese owners where so happy it was my birthday they turned on a birthday CD and for about 30 minutes it played "Happy Birthday” in about 100 different ways. Then the guy who gave me a pedicure said he would give me a manicure for free. I was pampered well and it felt wonderful.
That night we went out to dinner and I got a very upset stomach from what I ate and thought I was going to be sick but after an hour I was okay. B/C my husband had been busy the past 3 days he hadn’t had a chance to get me anything and I had told him all I wanted was the Michael Buble’ CD. So that night we went to Target and got my CD. It was a very relaxing night but good.
So I’m now one year older and wiser to!!!


Ryan & Rischel said...

happy birthday sista. I love those pedicure people!! I still have yet to get myself one. I want the lady that massaged your legs!!

Cassidy said...

Happy Birthday!!! Pedicures are the ULTIMATE. I got my first one when I was like 9 months pregnant with Carter (seriously, I had him like 3 days later), and man it was Heaven!!!. Ohhhhh. I think I need to go get one. Happy Birthday girl. I'm glad the day went well. Nothing better then relaxing. ahh.

Kelsey Judd said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I'm glad to hear that all went well for you and that you got the michael buble cd... I'm way jealous!! Hey you need to eat cake like Kenzie did for her birthday... it will make it even better!!