Sunday, November 25, 2007

More pictures

The finishing touch of our tree name carving.... HOW CUTE!!!
This time of year the trees are turning color it was so beautiful up there. When I saw this it looked like tulips kind of funny huh?

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Cassidy said...

We almost went to a cabin for our honeymoon. I still think it would've been the perfect thing. Nice and peaceful, no rush to do things. So funny story, We went to San Antonio for Thanksgiving for Bo's cousins baptism and her grandparents were there from her Dad's side (Bo's aunt's in-laws). It so happens that the grandparents are from Pheonix and were in the bishopric with Clinton's dad a while back. I guess they were at your wedding reception. She said you looked beautiful and that you are a lucky girl because Clinton comes from a great family. Small world eh? They are Craig and Marti Salmon. I just think it's funny because no matter where I go, someone always knows someone from ML.