Sunday, November 25, 2007

Late Honeymoon adventure

taking a little hike
This was our cute little cabin

Clinton carving our names into a tree in the woods (very Jr. high but so much fun!!)
I totally forgot about my pictures I took on our honeymoon until I took a couple pictures this morning and went to put them on the camera and then realized that I hadn't posted anything about our honeymoon. So here it is, late but its now done.
For our Honeymoon Clinton and I went up to Alpine, AZ. Yes there is an Alpine in AZ believe it or not. We stayed at a place called Hannagan Meadow. We were so close to the New Mexico border one day we didn't have anything planned we took a drive over to Luna, New Mexico. I had never been to New Mexico but now I can say I have!! We had a really nice and relaxing time up in the cabin. We went quad ridding, horse back riding, hiking, made toasty roasty fires in our little nook. Our horse ridding guide was so funny, he was a total true western ranger. He had the chaps, belt buckle, pistol on his hip and you name it. He even had the long white curly hair and beard. He was also in a few western movies and has continued to take part in a few more. He took us on a really fun ride just the three of us it was great.

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Kelsey Judd said...

Ha ha I can't believe you went to Alpine on your honeymoon too! you two are so cute! You look so happy!