Friday, September 14, 2007

2 Weeks & A Burger!!

Well today was my two week mark for post surgery and I have to say that I didn't think I would be feeling this good. (Knock on wood). I have to say that this tonsil surgery was actually a piece of cake compared to being sick for three weeks and being in the hospital for 5 days and feeling like I wanted to die. My recovery has gone very well considering what I was told and how difficult this is for adults. I was told so many horror stories I thought for sure I was going to experience a few but NOPE. I think I had a total of 3 days that I felt horrible… ….and those days were days that the pain was too much to bare. The first week after surgery I did a LOT of sleeping. All the medicine I was taking made me so tired and so groggy I couldn’t do much so sleeping was great! I was in pain almost all day every day but it was manageable and most of the time the pain came from eating. So eating popsicles was easy and always good. I managed to eat two boxes of popsicles in the first week. I ate lots of soups, and Malt-o-meal has become a favorite breakfast of mine. Mashed potatoes, mac&cheese, top-roman, I don’t think I will ever eat these foods again or for a while at least.
Because the back of my throat looked like raw meat it was very difficult to eat almost anything, even eating oatmeal and soups was difficult. Swallowing was hard b/c the muscles and tissue were so sore and tender it’s hard to push stuff down the back of my throat when its covered in scabs.... yes that sounds really gross but try having to deal with that for two weeks. I did!! Not to mention when the scabs fall off well you can use your imagination on where they go... Yup right down the throat with whatever I ate or drank. Sounds disgusting… But most of the time I didn’t even notice they were falling off. So as gross as it may be I ate all my throat scabs. I still have a few that haven’t fallen off yet but the Dr. said that it will be soon. I went to see the Dr. Yesterday and he said things look really good and that I am his first patient that he has seen with a “Canyon” in their throat. He also told me that my throat was a 10 on the ugly scale,and in the many many years he has been in practice he has never seen something so horrible. So I guess I should feel pretty special....
Today I was CRAVING a BURGER.... actually ever since I had surgery I have wanted to eat a hamburger…. And well that wasn’t going to happen but today I wanted to try. Clinton stopped by during lunch to visit me and he really wanted to go to In & Out Burger and I said OKAY let’s go!! I was determined to eat it and enjoy it no matter what. I wanted to eat something that wasn’t soup, mashed potatoes, roman, or mush; I wanted "normal" food I wanted something good..... I felt like I was in heaven or pretty darn close. The first bite was questionable but I told myself I had to bear through the pain no matter what, and surprisingly it wasn’t bad. The burger never tasted so good... I was so happy to get every last bite down without any problems.
My mom came to stay with me while I was recovering and that was wonderful for me at least. I felt bad b/c I don't have TV or anything and I wasn't much entertainment. I felt bad b/c we would sit around all day with nothing to do, but mom is great she is so easy to please. I think she read about 15 books while she was here. We did get out and run errands and get stuff for the wedding done so there were some days we were productive. It was great just having my mom here with me she kept me company; she helped me clean and cooked me soups and malt-o'meal and stocked my fridge and cupboards that was awesome. MOMS are GREAT!!! Don't take them for granted.
Between my hospitals stays ER visits and Surgery I have so far reached a grand total of $16,000 in a matter of 3 weeks. Thank goodness for Insurance!! Not to mention I’m still waiting on a bill from another hospital that I stayed at which I'm guessing will be around $4,000. So that would bring my grand total up to around $20,000 in the past 3 weeks. I did pretty well if you ask me. :)

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Bo, Cassidy and Carter Beus said...

Oh man Erin!!!! I feel so bad for you. I'm glad it hasn't been as bad as people say it is though. I can remember when I had oral surgery back in 7th grade. They drilled two holes in the roof of my mouth--NOTHING compared to your surgery--but man it was bad. And the food. . . you're doing better then I did. I STILL can't eat tapioca pudding or the puddings you buy in those little containers. I'm proud of you! (man was I a wimp). You're right. . mom's are the ultimate! I'm excited your wedding is coming up!!