Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finally Back To Work

My first day back at work was Saturday and I was so excited to be active again and feel productive. Although work was slow it was nice to be out and doing something. It was kind of weird going around the hospital to patient’s rooms and thinking I NEVER want to be a patient again, and I never want to get sick again. Hospitals are great places for the sick but they really make you go crazy and it’s just pretty miserable. It’s so horrible being sick and I didn’t realize how much I take my health for granted. My goal is to stay healthy, and not get sick for an entire month. I figure I will keep my goal low for the sake of my luck!! But I would love to be sick free for an entire year. We’ll see if I can, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.
So only 3 more weeks and I will finally be married. That means no more planning, no more stressing about this and that and colors and pictures and cakes and ohh you name it. It really hasn’t been horrible trying to plan this wedding b/c honestly getting sick kind of put things on hold for a while and I didn’t have much to do or worry about. So it was nice for that time. But now that it’s getting closer things are starting to pick up again. But we are so close.
Clinton got a new job and sadly this job he travels a lot. I didn’t think I would mind it when we talked about it but today I have really missed him. He works for his cousin who lives in Show Low, AZ about 3 hours from the valley. So most parts of the week he has to travel up there for business but he does get to stay in the valley as well. He left yesterday morning and won’t be back until tomorrow night and then he will leave again on Friday. Kind of stinks L
Today has been a kind of boring day. I got up around 7:30 this morning and got a few things done before I left for town to run some errands. I had to be back around noon to meet this guy who still HAS NOT shown up yet. This is great… on Thursday night my car was broken into. YEAH I love this… I guess they thought my car was something special. So what happened was they first tried to break through the key holes on all doors and that didn’t work so then they attempted to pick the look through the window and then finally went to plan C and broke the window. Not very smart thieves’ b/c they were unsuccessful at ripping off my stereo and whatever else they wanted. Sadly my I-pod was in my car and they found it and took that. It was an old one but I had a lot of songs on it and I’m sad b/c I don’t have music to listen to when I run. Stinky thieves, I really don’t like people who steal. So back to why I’m waiting… this guy is suppose to meet me to fix my door locks but hasn’t shown up yet and it’s almost 3:30 and I’m not going to wait all day for him.

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