Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ThE wEdDiNg PlAnS...

The wedding plans continue. I have been looking at different flowers and cakes for my wedding. For those of you who are or may want to plan a wedding and need ideas..... check out this site its AWESOME... http://www.brides.com/
I have found so many beautiful things and its just really fun. This is a little bit how my bouquet is going to be, not as full but most of these flowers I'm using. This cake really caught my attention and i loved it... mine is a little different. I'm having 4 tiers plan and simple nothing really fancy with the decorating, I am having flowers all over it like this one. My flowers are going to be the same as what i use in my bouguet will be on the cake.
Things are coming along great. I have all my announcements done. I made them and I'm very proud of myself. I made ALL 300. I have to give my sister Rischel credit b/c she helped pick out the paper and helped me design them. But with very little help I cut them all and put them all together. It was not really that difficult and actually fun. Unfortunately i feel i am going to have to make more which in that case i am going to just use a picture as the announcement. We have the caterer lady scheduled, i have my dress which was an awesome deal... FREE. I'm borrowing a dress from Clinton's twin sister's sister-in-law. try and figure that one out!! I was very lucky b/c it was a PERFECT fit and its so BEAUTIFUL I LOVE IT. All we have left to do is take our engagement photos and find a photographer for the actual wedding and that's it. I can't believe how great things are going and falling together. Its going to be wonderful.
I'm excited for school to start b/c time is really going to fly by and then before we know it the BIG Day is going to be here... I believe now its 10 weeks away... ahhhhhh this is so exciting. TTFN


Scott & Tami said...

You are so cute!!! I'm love how excited you are and how everything is going well for you and the planning. I love the cake & flowers....gorgeous!! You will be getting married right after I have little Dallin. He is due October 6th....it is coming up fast! I'm so happy and excited for you!

Samantha said...

oh erin it has been so much fun reading about you being in love. I'm so happy that you get to experience it and that you are so happy! I love all of the pictures!!