Saturday, August 4, 2007

Engagement Photos!!

Yesterday Clinton and I took our engagement pics. I had a blast b/c i just love being with my honey and taking funny pictures. Clinton was great but for him this was nothing near fun....I was trying to make this a memorable experience for him, taking pics is like having to eat raw liver!! He really HATES getting his picture taken... not sure why b/c he is so photogenic and adorable!! But we had a great time and as you can see these are a few of our funny photos I wont spoil the surprise pic. you will all just have to wait until you get an announcement or when i post my announcement on my blog.

I loved this pic. we were at the Temple just standing talking and didn't even remember we were getting our picture taken it was the greatest. Being in love is wonderful.... you have your own little bubble and most of the time you don't notice whats going on around.
Clinton's sister-in-law Amber was our "professional" mother of 2/photographer (not really!!) but as you can see she did an awesome job. Thanks Amber you are AWESOME!!

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ashleyboice said...

You guys are adorable. So cute.