Thursday, July 5, 2007

*HAPPY 4th of JULY!**

Clinton and I making Snow Cones for all the kids..MMMMMM !!

Everyone Say.... CHEESE!!!
There's the Tongue again!!! Ohh how cute..
Every year the Kennedy family hosts a huge 4th of July party in their back yard. They have a giant back yard... which includes a 3 acre pasture where a city group sets off fire works right over our little heads. Quit a view!! It was awesome.
Years ago when it first started it was just family and close friends then over the years it spread like wild fire....and each year more and more people would come..... so now about 200+ people come to watch the fire works at the Kennedy's home. This year Clinton and I where in charge of making the snow-cones... they also serve....popcorn, cotton-candy and lots fun fun fun!!


jayne said...

Okay, that tongue is too funny! What a fun 4th! Can I just say that Crew is a true mix between Shelly and Jason?! Tell them I said Hi and would love to hear from them!

Samantha said...

man what a fun family you are marrying into!

mistymeldrum said...

Looks like fun!!!

krystind said...

Congratulations Erin! you guys are sooooo cute and fun. You look so happy. ahhh.. :) it's almost here!