Friday, December 7, 2012

Long Update.....and a JOB

It's been a while since my last post. My typical excuse has always been not much to talk about but not really the case around here. A lot has happened in the last couple months but i want to focus on the positive!!
The kids are growing so much and Reece is turning into such a big girl. I started a weak attempt to potty training her and talked to my sister about it and got her advice on the 3 day potty training technique online that she used with her last child and it actually worked.I decied to buy the ebook and start my 3 days. Reece did awesome, the first day was brutal we had about 8 accidents but she told me everytime she had to go and by day 3 she was completly trained. It's been over a month now and she has wet the bed once and it happened at 6:30am just beofre she woke up and couldnt get to the bathroom fast enough. It's so nice to have only 1 child in diapers and a HUGE save each month.

 Reece LOVES to sing and comes home from church singing new songs every week. I just love listening to her, b/c the majority of the time she makes up her own words to songs she learned at church, so adorable. Her latest obsession is clothes.... she is a typical girl and it takes her about 10 min's to get dressed. She LOVES skirts and tutu's and only has 1 and wears it almost every day.

Turner is a cranky but a darn cute little boy. He just got his top 2 molars and was not to happy about it. Now his 2 bottom molars are moving in. He enjoys screaming and being really loud!! When he wants something he wants it now and will scream or bite out of frustration. He is addicted to MILK, after his 15 month check up i cracked down and took the bottle away. He was OBSESSED with his bottle and would throw a huge fit if he didnt get milk in the bottle. It took a couple days of sad cries but he is fine now. I love this boy he is so cute and always says with a big smile "tank you". His big issue right now is biting and its mostly when he gets mad about something, he will bite anything that is in his path. He is so funny and has a super cute personality in which saves me from selling him to the neighbors!!
Our latest illness was when T got "Roseola" it was horrible. I honestly can say that this was worse than when he had Influenza this winter. He woke up a little fussy and had a slight fever then it went up and down all day between 100-102. My first thought was another ear infection. The next day same thing he was really sad and had a fever, another sleepless night and fever again but nothing else. I thought i will give it another day and see what happens. Well by day 4 he woke up and i noticed little tiny spots on his check and back. As the day progressed the spots got darker and more pronounced and they started to spread. He was not a happy boy but was free from a fever. He wouldn't eat and just cried and wanted me to hold him. Day 5 he was covered from head to knees with a rash. My mom thought "Roseola" and sure enough the dots (no pun intended!) were connecting. The worst part was how erratic he got, i would try and feed him b/c i knew he was hungry but he would just get so upset and scream and smash the food in his face and then throw it. I think back and im sure he had sores in his mouth and that is why he didn't eat. He would walk to the fridge and scream for something but wanted nothing. I finally had to give him some Benadryl to help him calm down so he could sleep b/c he wasn't sleeping well at all. Most nights i was up with him for 2 hours and he would just cry while i held him, it was heartbreaking.

I am just keeping busy with my 2 kids, and let me say they older they get the bussier they are! Well thats just how i feel right now, their little minds are so curious. It seems that every day/week i find them getting into new things and some days its just none stop exploring!

The best news yet is Clinton's new job, he was actually offered the job on Oct 31st but b/c we didnt have a start day and they were still getting the contract with another company in order we didn't spread the news in fear something would go wrong. It look about 3 weeks to get a start date. We are moving to Eagle Mountain Ut and he will be working in Lehi at the Mycron building for a company called UTi. This company is HUGE 20,000 employees in several countries and so far we are very pleased. We then had to frantically try and find a place to live in 2 short days (which didn't happen).
Our trip to Lehi was unsuccessful but we came home and continued to look and got a condo that we had never looked at!!
Clinton left on Dec 3rd to Mesa, AZ for his training and will be there for 2 weeks. I have packed up what we have here at my parents and we are headed down next week and my dad will drive to Mesa with the trailer to pick up our other things and Clinton and drive back to UT..... we have stuff here in ML and a storage shed with our other belongings in Mesa and we need to be in the middle! I am just very excited and grateful to finally start this new chapter in our lives.

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Sarah Culp said...

Hope you're doing well in Utah! It would be great to see you sometime. Hopefully we can make it out for a visit sometime soon. :) xoxo

Your kiddos are SO cute!