Friday, August 24, 2012

My Baby Turns 1

My little Turner is 1!! I can’t believe it, an entire year has passed since I had a baby and I’m NOT pregnant!!! People always say time goes by very quickly and this year has done just that. I look at T and think he is so little he is still my little baby; I just don’t want him to grow up.
I remember the day I went to the hospital to deliver. I was so ready and so excited to meet this little boy that we had been waiting 40 long weeks to meet. I remember the moment when he was placed into my arms, and I was overcome with this great love and happiness. Our family went from 2 to 4 in just 14 short months!! It was so hard to believe.
Turner is not like Reece by any means, he has a completely different personality and his first year of life was a lot harder than Reece’s. He cried a lot and doesn’t handle changes well. He is such a sweet boy, he loves to cuddle and his laugh is contagious.
 We are so blessed to have him as a part of our growing family. He is such a joy to have around. Although he is not the happiest little guy all the time he can really make me smile and realize that I have so much to be grateful for. He is a very smart little cookie and has advanced a lot having an older sister to show him new things.
Things you can do and love…
            Crawl everywhere, on anything as long as it can hold your weight!
            You started walking but don’t like the idea of walking completely.
            You love to wrestle and roll all over people and things
            You love to scream, especially when you are mad or frustrated or just because you can!
            You can and will eat just about anything even if it’s not edible!
            You have eaten bugs, bark, leaves, paper, cardboard and who knows what eles!!
            You love to sleep; you take 2 naps a day and sleep 12 hours a night!!
            You like to follow your big sister around and do what she does
            You LOVE the water, baths, swimming, or anything that has water in it!
            You have 8 teeth
You are a BITER (im going to have a difficult time with this); you will bite anything you can or anyone L
            You can say “uho, dada, mama, thank you, hello, Sasha, and cracker”
            You don’t like to wear bibs and ripe them off when you get mad
            You will NOT lay still for a changing, it’s almost impossible to change you sometimes
            You don’t like to be put in your car seat when you are tired
            You have a unique personality and it is super cute
When I get you out of your bed you love to snuggle, you will tuck your arms under you tummy and snuggle me, and it is one of my favorite moments.
            You love being outside, if you can’t go outside you will SCREAM and get mad

I will be honest and say that having 2 children 14 months apart was not planned and has been a challenge, but I wouldn’t change any of it. I am so blessed and have 2 beautiful children who are so special and, they are what make me want to do better and keep me going. I am always going like the energizer bunny, but not with as much energy! I have a very tough job but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Turner you bring a lot of life to our growing family, we love you and are excited to watch you grow and develop.

12 month stats
weight: 20.7lbs 16%
height: 29" 25%




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Sarah Culp said...

So sweet! I can't believe you have two little cuties! ;)