Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Nasty Bug Called RSV

Just shy of 5 days from my last post Reece was doing so well and then hit rock bottom. T got a double ear infection last week and then had this nasty cough that turned into a runny nose and watery eyes, common cold i figured. Well it wasn't long before Reece caught the bug. I did my best to keep things clean and keeping them at a safe distance but honestly it's hard. So it was Sat. March 17th Reece woke up with her chronic cough that was needing more attention and we started neb treatments every 4 hours. She did pretty well and then Sunday morning the coughing got worse and she started running a fever and then throwing up. By noon she was really warm and was very ill, she would just cry every time she coughed and she didn’t want to do anything but lay with me. We had a very LONG night, I was up every 1-2 hours with her coughing or throwing up. We called the Dr and went in that morning and her oxygen was at 90-91% not bad but not good enough to go home. So back into the hospital we went. She had a chest x-ray and it showed Bronchitis so they tested her for RSV and it was POSITIVE. Reece was really sick and we were not going home for a few days. That night I was going to sleep at home and Clinton would stay with her. I took Clinton a change of clothes around 9pm and when i got there she was awake and looked miserable. She was crying and her breathing was very wheezy and I could tell she was working hard to breath. She was on 4 L of O2 and 88-90%. It broke my heart to leave her, after 90 minutes of trying to get her to sleep I left and she was crying "mommy, mommy". I honestly don't know how I walked out of the room but I had to go home to get some rest.

When i got to the hospital that morning Reece was in rough shape, her eyes were purple and puffy. She was now on a bag mask and on 8 L of oxygen that is an INSANE amount of oxygen for a small child. I was furious that we were still there and had not been transferred to Spokane sooner. We waited for the Dr to come in and immediately asked to go to the children's hospital in Spokane; she didn't hesitate for a min. by 9am we were on our way. Reece had slept about 12 hours in the last 48 and she was physically exhausted. The ambulance ride was rough but she was able to sleep. We arrived and went straight to a room. She looked and sounded much better and had moved down to 3 L. Our fist day was long since she didn't take another nap and she was emotional drained and wanted to go home. She asked me all day long "mommy go, mommy go". I just had to tell her later, “We will go later when you are all better ok?” She says to me OoooK. It was so cute and so sad. We were at the Children's hospital for 3 days and the care was exceptional. The staff and Dr’s are so kind and understanding; they take time to listen and are so good about the unvarying changes that go on with a child. They willingly adjust things to fit our needs and the needs of Reece. I just wish we lived where there was a children’s hospital so we can have better experiences every time she is hospitalized.

RSV was probably the worst sickness she has got since January, I thought when she had Influenza she was sick but this may have topped it. It was the scariest moment of my life to see my child in such rough shape and struggling to breath and seeing her on such a high volume of oxygen.
I know Reece will get sick again, she is a toddler and it's just bound to happen. We now know that she has Asthma so this is the trigger for all her breathing problems. I try my hardest to keep her healthy and away from sick people but I can't really put her in a bubble.

Reece is a strong little girl and has done so well with all this. She has really taught me patience and how to persevere. I know the Lord is testing me just as much with all this and I have really become a stronger person since all this started. We rely a lot on the Lord and others to pray for us and I know many have prayed on her behalf. We couldn’t be more grateful for those prayers and blessings. Miracles happen every day and Reece will be healed one day.

This was take just days before we ended up in the hospital.

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Jorden said...

I can never get through any of your posts without tears. I can't even imagine what it would be like. You are a brave mother. One day when Reece is feeling well we need to get together and let the little ones play. Max loves new friends.