Sunday, July 24, 2011

Truner Family Reunion 2011

WARNING...............picture over load

Reece helping Nana pick rasberries

and eating them too!proof that my husband doesn't hate cats as much as he says!

uncle Shawn and Reece hanging out
Talan just being cute

trip to Grand Coulee Damn

having fun at AIM gym


Papa went to the pond and brought back a bucket of tadpoles/pollywogs for the kids to play with and watch grow into frogs, lots of fun.

Reece & Talan eating breakfast

Aunt Rischel face painting for the 4th

Reece's first time in the sand, she loved it and surprisingly didnt eat any!!
Boating at the dunes

waiting for the fireworks to begin
Aunt Shelly sharing her cake with Reece

Talan & Reece having fun in the Flintstones car

many nights at the fire pit

pirceless picture!
the little biker gang!

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