Thursday, July 14, 2011

Move to Washington........

(this photo was taken last week at our family reunion)

I am so far behind on my updates so here it goes....

Move to Washington
after Clinton got home from England we packed up what little we had and move up to WA to live with my parents while Clinton finishes his Thesis. We arrived here early June and got all settled in. Three days after Clinton got home he had a phone interview with JBS in PA. They were very impressed with him and called him back 3 hours later and wanted to fly him out for a second interview. A week after we arrived to ML Clinton flew to PA for the second interview, it went very well but b/c he lacked experience in the work industry they were going to keep looking. We were optimistic but didn't get our hopes up since his main priority is finishing the Thesis. Even though he didn't get the job it was a good experience for him.
We are most likely going to be staying here until the end of the year and not sure what our plans our after that. Clinton will complete his Thesis by November and defend it to USU in December. Our hope and plans are to find a job and settle down as soon as we can!

I have about 5 weeks until im due and im ready for this little guys arrival. For the next 4 weeks i have to have NST (non-stress test) done 2 times a week and weekly ultrasounds. I am measuring small and my last ultrasound measured the baby 9 days off, so we are going to check the growth in two more weeks and hope there is change. I feel great and im not too worried. This little guy is so active and sits super low its very uncomfortable, my back is ALWAYS hurting.

Reece turned 1 on June 20th and i just can't believe my baby is growing up so fast. I am not ready for her to grow up and be a big girl. I feel like im forcing her into growing up b/c of this new baby. I also feel like a horrible mom b/c we didn't really do a party. On her birthday i spent the night in the ER with a kidney stone attach. Then we had all my family in town and it was CRAZY around here. I was going to have a big party but every day and night was filled with activities. I know she is only 1 and she will have many more birthdays but i was really going to do something special.
Reece started walking the week of her birthday all thanks for Auri, Crew and Kaia (her cousins). By the next week she was pretty good and is now walking all over the place. I just love it, and love watching her learn and grow. She is such a smart little girl and just makes me laugh all the time.
(Reece and her baby kitten)
12 month stats
Weight: 22lbs 3 oz
Height: 29 inches
she currently has 6 teeth and getting 2 more which are not fun for her or mommy! I HATE teething and feel so helpless it just breaks my heart.

I will post pictures of our family reunion soon. A week of fun filled activities so stay posted for loads of pictures!


~Jeff and Elle~ said...

So fun that you guys get to travel so much! :) Washington seems like a great place to live too. Gosh, we are really close with our due dates! Best of luck with the new baby and thanks for all the wonderful advice you leave on my blog. Your daughter Reece is so cute! :) Take care Erin!

Basarabas said...

Reece is such a cutie and I can't you only have 26 more days until baby #2 comes. Can't wait to see pics!