Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rome Trip April 19th

Our last trip we took just before Reece and I went back home to the states. My mom arrived on April 17th for a 2 week visit. We left for Rome on April 19th. This trip was the trip Clinton had been looking forward to since we new we were going to England. Clinton was so happy and excited the day had finally come. We set off for the airport and off we went. The 2 hours flight went well, Reece did great as usual and we arrived in Rome around 9pm. We made our way out to the taxi's and shuttle doors. The airport was crowded with drivers who would take you just around anywhere. We were quickly scouted out as "tourist" and told the man where we wanted to go. He then said "wow, Pomezia, that is 67km away", which would take us over an hour. I was shocked and thought when i booked the hotel i looked at the location and it was not that far from the airport or city limits. Staying within the city limits was just WAY TOO expensive and being there the week before Easter was crazy. I was upset and got a little emotional b/c he informed us it would cost us 90 euro's!! WHAT THE CRAZY. Well we didn't have much of a choice and we needed to get to our hotel, it was late and we were tired. Come to find out it took us about 20 minutes and it was about 15km away from the airport. I was upset b/c he totally scammed us and then later handed Clinton a business card and said when you head back to the airport give me a call, the card said "52 euros". He then said this is my personal shuttle and he was working a company that night so he had to use company rates.
All said and done we made it safely to the hotel and went right to bed. Around 1am i woke up to Clinton tossing all over and he said he didn't feel well, then next thing he was in the bathroom puking. Clinton spent all night throwing up and the next morning he was so sick he didn't want to go anywhere, so he spent the entire 1st of our 2 days in the hotel sick as a dog. Since we began traveling around Europe all the trips we took something went wrong and someone was always sick. I was so upset and bummed, Clinton had waited as long as i can remember to see Rome.
So my mom Reece and I headed out to the city and had to visit the Vatican without Clinton. We had tickets for that day and they wouldn't let us change them. When we got back to the hotel that night Clinton was still sick and didn't look much better than when we left him. We had just 1 more day before going home and i hoped he would be feeling better.
The next day we all woke up and headed out to see the Colosseum and a few other sites. We had a great time and sure wished Clinton was feeling better. Maybe we will have to return some day in the future!

Rome Colosseum, my favorite place in Rome

St Peter's Square

This is the window the Pope would come out to address his people

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Kevin and Eliza said...

Beautiful pictures! How awesome to be able to travel and see so much.