Sunday, April 24, 2011

Where Did The Time Go??

I have realized that with all our travels i have failed to keep up with my little girl and all she has learned to do. Reece has changed so much in the last 4 months and i feel like a horrible mom b/c i have not done well at keeping track of these accomplishments. Our time in England is coming to a close end (less than a week). Since we moved to the UK Reece has......
~learned to crawl
~got 2 teeth
~learned to pull her self up onto anything and walk across it
~found her LOUD voice
~waves "bye bye"
~sings with the songs in church
~loves her finger food, all food for that matter!
~can sit up all by herself
~has grown out of her infant car seat
~has traveled to France, Spain and Italy all before her 1st birthday
~growing a mullet (no hair on top just yet!)
~pats my belly when i ask "where's the baby?"

Reece is such a joy to have in our family, we love her so much and love to watch her learn and grow. She is such a good baby i couldn't have been luckier. Reece is so happy and easy going , she is a great traveler and adjusts to the constant changes we put her through. We are so excited for out newest addition and hope Reece is also!

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~Jeff and Elle~ said...

Hey Erin! Thanks for your comment on my blog, it's crazy how many girls go through struggles to get preg! It's could to be able to relate tho, helps you get through it!

Your baby girl is beautiful!! How fun that you guys are in England!!! :)