Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Treasures From the Burnt Dryer...

When we moved to Logan we bought an old washer and dryer for $100. About a week after we got them, the dryer worked fine but it took about 2 hours to dry our clothes. So i researched what it might be and found out that the thermostat needed to be replaced. Today we got the parts and Clinton went to work. I threw in the laundry and closed the door. I thought i should go check on the dryer and see if it was working. To my surprise when i opened the door i smelt something burning. I stopped the dryer and opened it up and the smell was horrible, i thought are clothes were burnt... but luckily they were not.

Mind you this was an old dryer... we found a LOT of lint. this was all stuck all around this exposed wire which caused it turn burn. Lucky we didn't have a fire

This was what we were surprised with.... LOTS of lint, im guessing 10+ years worth of lint and treasures!!!

Here is the pile of treasures i found, rubber-bands, hair ties, glow in the dark stars, buttons, money!! we even found a wal-mart gift card with $.04c on it!!

We found this dog tag and sure hoped that Diesel didn't spend his last day in the dryer!!

we did get a little change for all our hassle!All said and done our dryer is SHOT, after spending 2 hours working on it, the dryer died. It was very frustrating and disappointing. We don't have money to get a new one so we are just going to wash our clothes at the apartment and take them to the laundry mat, kind of a pain but..... We only have a few more months here so i thought it wasn't worth buying another one.
I was really upset for a while but realized that being upset wasn't going to fix the dryer.


Cassidy said...

I'd let you come over and use my dryer if we were near each other. That's a bummer. Good thing its only for a few months.

Deedles said...

That stinks! Sorry your dryer is broken. We didn't have a dryer for the longest time in one of our apartments. Sure makes it hard to do laundry. Glad you only have to go to the laundramat for a few months.