Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Reece's Acomplishments

Reece is 11 weeks and has grown so much. I figure i need to document them b/c i know im not going to remember any of these things.

She smiles all the time
Loves to talk to you
She is a great traveler, we have made many longs trips since she was born
Has started to roll over (total 5 times, of which she wouldn't roll for the camera!)
Has decided she wants to nurse again!! I was really excited about that, in the beginning it was a struggle for both of us but she is a champ now.
Started sleeping through the nights around 10-11 weeks (9hours! I love this)
She goes to sleep on her own (with a few hiccups here and there)
All in all she is a super great baby and we just love her so much.

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rcworkman said...

Hooray for the sleeping through the night and hooray for her wanting to give nursing another chance. That is awesome. I know how bad you wanted that. Good job momma!