Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Waiting Game....

As of today i am no longer working. Thanks to my Dr who said "No work" maybe more my choice but who's to say!! Working 12 hours was getting really tough and some days i would come home almost in tears from hurting so bad. My feet, back, and hips just killed me after 6 hours of working on my feet so i am kind of happy to be done. Its so strange to think that i wont have a paid job for a REALLY long time. My job is just going to be a little more demanding but more rewarding.

Part of me is wondering if I'm going to go crazy with 2 weeks left. I know i have things to do and there is still a lot of stuff i have to get before this girl gets here. I just find myself being really lazy some days and other days i feel like i cant stop going.

For the past few weeks Clinton has been working 2 jobs and i NEVER see him. He leaves around 9am and gets home by 9pm. Some days i really miss him having to work so late but its only temporary or until he starts school in the fall, then he will be in school ALL day and we wont see daddy very much. Lots of changes for us this summer/fall but we are so excited and hope everything falls into place.

ONLY 14 DAYS!!! I can hardly wait. Still not nervous, but i have been thinking a lot about what labor is going to be like. I am 20% effaced and 1cm, for me its a start, my siblings don't dilate early so i guess its good!!
38 WEEKS!!!
I took this today after i showered not the best but i took it myself
I didn't feel huge until i saw this picture. But i am proud to say i have only gained 23 pounds after loosing 1 pound last week!!! Its super HOT and I'm so nauseated these days, all i want to do is drink.


Samantha said...

Erin! I am so excited for you too and love that we are having babies at the same time! How great that your is due at the same time too. My sisters had their babies 1 day apart and they were in the hospital together and they even got to go to each other's births!

I feel the same way about energy. One day I am super busy and accomplish so much and the next day I am exhausted and have to laze around to recuperate. Then repeat.

I can't wait to hear how things turn out! Good luck to you too!

Nick & Kristen said...

ahhh u look so cute!!! I am so happy you are DONE with work! I am too, and it feels GREAT! Isn't it funny how much stuff u " NEED" to get done before baby comes....but because u ( we) are so big and pregnant we can't? lol

Tami said...

Erin you are gettting so close! I'm so excited for you! I asked Lisa for your number a couple of times so I could tell you thanks for the bag of baby boy clothes! You are so nice to think of me, I love them.
Good luck with you last few days!