Friday, June 18, 2010

Last Dr Visit.... MAYBE!!!

Today i had my Dr apt and i was kind of nervous to see how much i have or have not progressed. Clinton came with me and well it was interesting to say the least. We walk in and he heads straight to the girl at the desk and says "hi, we need to have this baby today can you help us?" She laughed and said sorry i have no power to do this.
In the room and Dr comes in and he had 1 question for her the minute she walked in the door. "can you take this baby out today?" is what he asked her. She also laughed and said sorry its all up to Erin's body. He then had a couple or 20 more questions he proceeded to ask her. Luckily she is really sweet and patient and had an answer for all them, unfortunately not what he wanted to hear. Most of the questions where about how to get this baby here TODAY!
She then check my cervix and i had not changed from last week (1ish cm) so she said she would strip my membranes. I was nervous but said okay. Not too pleasant but at this point it might be worth it.
Today i woke up at 4:30 this morning with low abdominal cramping and back cramps that lasted 2 hours. When i got the the Dr's the cramping started again and after she stripped my membrane i was uncomfortable for about 30 minutes.
I had a date to hang out with an old friend who i hadnt seen in a really long time. After walking for 15 minutes i was very uncomfortable and my pelvis was hurting. I feel like someone was prying my pelvis open. My back hurt, i was cramping and contracting for the whole 3 hours we were out. I just feel horrible today. Up until today i was feeling really good and thinking this girl is not coming out anytime soon.
So only time will tell. Maybe it was good stripping my membranes maybe not. But how i feel right now is uncomfortable and i hope something happens soon or i start to feel better.
Clinton is so anxious today (calling me every hour) and is just so ready to have this baby, some times i wonder who is pregnant here!!


Cassidy said...

I'm excited for you! Good luck!!

Lindsay said...

Good luck! I hope she comes soon. My advice is get the epidural as soon as you can.

Lisa said...

Hi lady!! Clinton is funny. Well I can't wait to hear the news that you had your little girl either. SO hurry up would ya!!

hang in there!!