Friday, May 21, 2010

Tired of Getting Sick

I just have to vent to my blog journal. I have to say that I am really getting tired of getting sick with this pregnancy. I just don't understand how 1 can get sick 3 times, have kidney stones twice in a very short 2.5 month time. I got sick with a stomach bug the first Sunday in April, that lasted 1.5 days. Then the kidney stones came. I got another stomach bug on Mothers day 1.5 weeks ago, that was miserable. Great Mothers day gift!! Then last weekend my husband went down to Mexico for the weekend with some friends and came home with a bug, he was sick for 3 days. I thought for sure i would be safe b/c no one else was sick from the group.
Well Wednesday night the fun started for me. I woke up at 1am puking my insides out. This went on all morning and by 8am i was still throwing up without anything in my stomach. I waited a while and called my Dr and they insisted i go to the hospital. She has been monitoring me for my kidney stones and was worried about me getting dehydrates. I couldn't put anything down without it come right back up. So off i went to the hospital (sadly i drove myself with a bucket in my lap) only b/c my husband was all the way in Phoenix and it would be a while b/4 he could get home to take me. I told him i would be fine and don't worry. They got me to the 3rd floor L&D and hooked me up to an IV gave me some Zofran so i would stop throwing up. I spent about 3 hours and went home. I was able to keep down crackers and some juice and felt much better until all the Zofran wore off. We'll just say i had a rough night and today I'm spending the day with the porcelain throne. Less than 5 weeks and this sweet baby will be here, ohh how excited i am. I just hope that my body gets put back into place after she comes and i don't have any more complications.

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