Monday, May 10, 2010

A Few Thoughts and Pictures

I have been meaning to write a few of my thoughts about my pregnancy and unfortunately I have had a few bumps in the road the past couple months. I hope that things go better these next 6 ½ weeks.

With all the hiccups we have had with this baby I feel great and just love (or maybe im being optimistic!) all the changes I have while carrying this sweet girl.
(Michelle these pictures are for you!!!)

33 weeks 3 days!!

Sleep…. What’s that??? Although I do get super excited when I hit the pillow at night, even knowing that it’s like a battle that doesn’t end.
 Bending over to pick up something off the floor, well I give it 3 tries then I think…. I don’t really need it.
 I don’t know what my toes look like anymore so if they need some polish please come help me.
 Waddling, I thought penguins only did this!!!
 My wedding ring has taken a break from my finger (sadly)
 I constantly feel like I’m out of breath
 I don’t have a problem trying to “feel” the baby move, I feel like I have a bowling league in my stomach!
 Aches and pains are a daily thing
 There is no such thing as hungry, I feel like I’m starving, but eating a regular size portion has turned into a kids meal, I’m running out of room
 I can pee on demand!! (How many can do that?)
 Wearing shoes is tricky, good thing its warm and sandals have some give
 Heartburn ohh I thought I knew what that was before I got pregnant, BOY was I wrong!
 Is it hot in here or just me?? No hot-flashes come and go like the cookies in the cookie jar!
 Rolling out of bed is basically the quickest and easiest way now-a-days!!
 Some days I feel like the energizer bunny, I could go and go and go. '

Great friend Ashley from Washington (4 week apart, i promise its not a ball under her dress!!)

31 weeks

My sister-in-law Jasmine and i (7 weeks apart, she just had her baby on Friday)


Lisa said...

Love this post!! You are so cute!

Deedles said...

Fun pictures and great post!

ashley said...

i so love that we get to be prego together and it was soo good to see you. hope your trip went well, you were successful in utah and made it home safe.

i love the "3" tries and forget about it! soo funny :)

Lyndsey said...

You are darling! if you see jaz tell her congrats!

Michelle said...

Love the pics cute! I had so much fun yesterday...and I took some really good pictures! Can't wait for you to see them. :)