Friday, April 23, 2010

Medical Expenses Counted As Blessings

I wanted to tally up Clinton's medical bills and expenses for the month of March. He was sick basically the entire month and between Dr's visits, emergency room visits and the hospital stay we have a grand total..... (drum roll).......... of a rounded amount of $100,000. YUP that's right ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars just for him that was billed to our insurance. I was shocked but then realized health care is expensive. I just have to keep counting my blessings and feel so grateful to have the insurance coverage we have. Last year when we found out we were expecting we had to make a decision to change our plan and I'm so grateful we did. If we would have kept our current plan from last year we would have had to pay 10% of 100,000, so we would have had a $10,000 medical bill. But b/c i changed we now have 100% coverage.
OH MY GOODNESS I cant even fathom having to pay $10,000 in medical bills.
I am so grateful i don't feel like this.....

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Lisa said...

Holy MOLY!! ahhhhhh! That is a blessing.