Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dr's, Hospitals, and More

It's been a long crazy month in our house…. 2 days after i had my first kidney stone experience Clinton got sick with what seemed like a 3 day bug, fever, aches, throwing up the normal stuff. After a week he was still not feeling well and kept having this strange pain in his mid-back and had pain after eating. He decided that he should go see the Dr. We were sent home with some antibiotics and told to come back if things didn't get better. 5 days later nothing was better, things actually got worse and he was in so much pain after working he came home and wanted to die. We waited a couple hours and he bore down and said I will go to the ER (something he hates to do but i knew it was bad when he said okay). They did test after test, thinking he had a clot in his lungs, but we ruled that out, we did a CT scan of his abdomen nothing showed abnormal, ultrasound and blood work. All they could find was that he was anemic and his Lipase (Pancreas enzymes) were elevated which they couldn't’t figure out why, unless he passed a Gallstone in the past week. Back home we went only to have things get worse.
A week later…Monday morning we were back at the Dr's office and he wanted to do some more testing. The Dr thought he was having some pancreatitis and the problems were coming from his Gall-bladder, possibly “Gall-bladder disease”. We made an apt. to have a test called “Hida Scan” where they check the Gall-bladder to see how it was functioning….. but we couldn't’t get in to have to test for another 10 days. This wasn't going to be good.... he couldn't suffer for 10 days, things were already getting worse. After the Dr’s we came home ate lunch which sent him in lots of pain so i decided to get his blood checked and sure enough he was having an attach. His labs were elevated again, meaning his Pancreas was ticked off for some reason. I called the Dr and they sent us to the ER where Clinton was admitted and we spent the past 6 days. After 4 days of testing and no food for my poor honey they said we are taking you to surgery to take out your Gall-bladder. The Surgeon, Dr’s and nurses were wonderful; although I did have some complaints about our stay it was pretty good. Last Friday they took him to surgery and it went well. The Surgeon came out and talked to me in the waiting room after he was out and told it was a success, he said that his gall-bladder was scarred and TWISTED. Strange how something could get twisted. The Dr didn’t understand how this could happen either, but this was probably the main cause of all the pain b/c his gall-bladder couldn't’t empty out like it should.

His Gall-bladder was out and his pain should be gone and we were on the road to recovery. The Pathology report of his Gall-bladder show evidence of "Chronic Cholecystitis" which means that there was lots of inflammation, wear and tear and scaring from past problems. So obviously it needed to come out.
When he was alert enough from the anesthesia one of the first things he said was "my back doesn’t hurt" with a big goofy grin on his face, he was so happy the pain was gone. I was so happy and relieved as well, it almost made me cry. It was so hard and stressful watching him be in so much pain for so long not knowing why and nothing really took his pain away.

Working in a hospital as opposed to being a patient his so different. I had lots of tears, sleepless nights, frustration with waiting and not getting answers from all the testing they did and feeling so helpless for my poor honey. We are home and he is doing much better every day.

I feel so blessed to have this happen now and not a few months from now when I am suppose to have my baby or after we move and have NO insurance. I have such AMAZING insurance through my work it’s almost unreal. This total experience would have cost us a whole lot of $$, I’m guessing around $60,000, but with my insurance everything is covered at %100.... such a blessing. CRAZY I know. It looks like Heavenly Father is really watching over us.
I decided to take off the picture i think it was veering blogger's away!! SORRY I just don't have a weak stomach for things like that.

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Lisa said...

OH My goodness!! Erin, I am so sorry!! So much has been going on with you guys!! Glad he is feeling better. LOVE YOU