Thursday, October 8, 2009

Whats Been Happening & My Trip to Washington

This picture was for Grandpa Turner
Well it sure has been a while since i posted last. I have been super busy working and picking up a lot of extra hours. We are doing well, Clinton is working so hard in school and currently doing an internship with a group here from the Philippines. I have no idea whats going on and what he does but its a great experience for him. Only 2 and 1/2 months until Graduation!!! Then he will start his masters :) I have to say that he loves school much more than me and I'm grateful for that!
After all my crazy hours and busy weeks i took off for a visit to Washington to see my Sister and family. I planned the trip a while ago and my sister Rischel asked if i would like to go on a family trip with her to the Portland Zoo. So that's what we did one day while i was visiting. It was a long/quick trip and lots of fun. I was able to see Rischel & Ryans new cute home they just bought in January and she is such a great decorator. I felt like i was walking into a catalog! Hopefully some day my home will be just as elaborate!! While i was visiting Rischel i was able to help her organize some areas in her house it was like going shopping for me i LOVED it. Rischel kept taking breaks and asking me if i was tired but i kept going and wanted more things to organize it was awesome.
While i was home i was able to visit with one of my great friends Ashley Iverson. Thanks Ashley for spending all afternoon chatting, i had lots of fun!

My mom is he ultimate home maker, in the short time i was there she canned peaches, spaghetti sauce, make cilantro, and sun dried tomatoes. When did she do all this?? I dont know but some how she manages to find the time. What a woman she has always been so active in the kitchen. I remember growing up she was always slaving away in the kitchen canning and baking it was great!!

the only picture i have with Rischel :( and i dont know why I'm holding her arm, i guess i didnt want her to run away

little Owen did a super job in the 3.5 hour car ride, little did we know he loves books! it was hilarious watching him look at the pictures i wondered what he was thinking
Sunday best!

I think she had a headache

but very photogenic

Emry was so funny sometimes, this girl just blows you away with her smile


Lisa said...

AHHH, Erin, that looks like a lot of FUN!! What a great time to catch up with family and friends. I MISS YOU!! Call me sometime so WE can catch up!! love you

ashley said...

fun pictures! im glad you had a great time while you were up and thanks for making the rounds, it was great to catch up in person :)

Ryan & Rischel said...

I am glad you got good pictures. If you want I can send you the ones I took.