Saturday, October 17, 2009


Where did the time go? We just had our 2 year anniversary a week ago... Oct 10.
For our anniversary this year we didn't plan anything but last minute we took a trip to Alpine, AZ to Clinton's family cabin. It was beautiful weather and just perfect. We went fishing, shooting, and enjoyed the great outdoors.
Clinton got me a new compac camera and i just love it. It was working GREAT until Clinton wanted to take a picture of me fishing in the River and then decide to hand it to me as he was standing in the River and Dropped it in!! Keep in mind its NOT water proof!! About 10 seconds later i got the camera out and turned it on, we thought it was working then the water settled in. We quickly rushed back to the cabin and put the camera in rice for the next 12 hours, and you know what?? It worked!!

This is Clinoton's gift....32GB I-Pod Touch

the first fish Clinton caught just before the camera went swimming in the river!
This is Brody. Brody joined us shortly after we lost Chester and Riley, i still get sad when i have to talk about them. We spent many months and lots of hours looking for them, posting online, and checking the shelters but no luck. We hope that Riley and Chester are with a good family who love them both. Brody is a interesting dog surly different from our first ones but we love him just the same and Clinton is much happier having a furry creature around that he can cuddle with.


Lea said...

Happy anniversary! I had no idea that sticking the camera in rice would do the trick. How cool is that?!

Samantha said...

HOLY COW. I can't believe it's been two years. Time sure does fly. It feels like to me that you've been married 8 months. haha. Happy Anniversary.