Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas In Moses Lake

For Christmas this year we went to WA to spend it with my family. It was lots of fun, lots of snow and all the cold days that come with winter. As you read in our previous blog it was an adventure getting there. The days leading up to Christmas were so much fun. We got to spend the weekend with my sister and her family in Kenniwick and guess what?? It snowed! We had so much fun with them and Ashlyn loved having uncle Clinton around to play games all day long. I got to see some old friends that i have known for many years and that was so much fun.

My sister drove us back to Moses Lake on Monday and stayed until Tuesday afternoon. We didn't have too much planned but had a lot of fun just hanging out with family and friends, playing foosball and winning every time! Helping all the kids bundel up to go out and play in the snow. Clinton took my brothers kids out for a sled ride on the quad often and they really enjoyed that. I was actually surprised at how much he was out side, considering he HATES being cold, all said and done he was such a trooper and really had a good time. I even caught him shoveling snow off the driveway almost every day. That was something that i never thought i would see my husband do. He spent most days with my dad. From my childhood memories spending time with my dad.... would consist of driving all over the farm and town showing off his land and equipment. Something i wouldn't enjoy much now, but Clinton had a GREAT time. He loved learning about farming and was just in awe at how much work it takes.

Ashlyn & Clinton playing a gameMy cute husband out shoveling the driveway for the FIRST time EVER!!Clinton trying to give all the kids a piggy back ride at the same timeAnd they almost made it

Clinton and I had a very early and exciting Christmas this year. Because we were going to WA and just bought our first home we decided that the house and our trip would be our Christmas. But if you know my husband he has a hard time not spoiling me. So On Dec. 15Th 2 days before we were suppose to leave he surprised me with a BRAND new Bosch. I was a little upset because he wasn't suppose to get me anything but i really liked it!


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